dp Consulting co-ordinated and wrote EFDS’s national submission to Sport England. This was a significant undertaking that, against a backdrop of funding cuts, resulted in a 50 per cent increase in core funding.

Prof. D. Croisdale-Appleby, OBE, Chair,
English Federation of Disability Sport

dp Consulting offers a comprehensive fundraising service, including statutory contracts and grants, trusts and foundations, major donor, legacies and bequests, corporate sponsorship, events and community fundraising.

We can work with you to realise your fundraising needs in a variety of ways: from basic bid checking, to writing your strategy and mentoring staff to deliver it, through to full bid development and execution.

Throughout, we work to build fundraising capacity within organisations and ensure clients have ownership of their projects. We want to give CEOs, in-house fundraisers and project leads the know-how and confidence to develop long-lasting relationships that will lead to sustainable funding.

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